Our Training

We have had the privilege of leading interactive sessions with participants from all over South Asia. The sessions were hosted virtually and the ease of breakout rooms made the interactions more meaningful.

Organizing your Virtual World – for all professionals

A session based on idea-exchange related to the obvious and not-so-obvious demands of the virtual world. The discussions were around tips to make work hours more manageable and maximize work impact.

Learn to think like an entrepreneur – for all students

We connected with young students and explored the basic principles of Entrepreneurship as relatable concepts. Learning about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship can be an empowering experience for everyone, and especially for young people. Being able to have a bold approach to life, making use of opportunities and overcoming setbacks is a mindset that can be acquired with practice.

Listening to the ideas that the participants had were one of the highlights of the session.

This session comprised of 3 sections:

1. Entrepreneurship 101 principles

2. Interactive exploration of successful entrepreneurs

3. Project/Idea workshop

Shaping the Future – Building a New Generation of Leaders – for teachers

This was an interactive teachers’ session where we discussed how we play a part in shaping the future by building a new generation of leaders. Participants explored authentic leadership traits that can be nurtured in students. We used a design thinking exercise followed by a structured discussion and exploration of authentic leadership and reflected on how to help students make real impact.