Five reasons to hire project manager

5 reasons to hir a project manager on a blue background with graphics.

1. You are pioneering a new initiative

You want to expand your business or take it in a new direction. A project manager can utilize their experience in that area and get you up to speed so you don’t have to figure it out from scratch.

2. You are taking advantage of a new opportunity

You are a nonprofit that has secured a large grant, and you want to put it to good use as soon as possible. A project manager’s expertise is in developing a plan, setting a timeline, and driving the process to get the project done.

3. You want to translate your goals into action

A startup can often have a lot of creative talent and energy for producing a new product but may need assistance in setting up the back-end operations of a company, such as administration, human resources, and finance. A project manager can develop and guide this process so founders can focus on their vision.

4.  You want an independent perspective

Organizational changes and new initiatives can be difficult and produce tension. An outside consultant can bring a more objective perspective to a project that will help avoid bias and error when making important decisions and identify risks that an insider perspective might miss.

5. You need specific expertise for a temporary period

The advantage of a consultant is you can bring them on board for a specific but temporary need, such as training staff on a new project management software system, without having to retain them full-time.