7 Important Questions to Ask Before Resigning

Let’s face it – We have days when we just want to quit our jobs. It could be an unexpected incident, disrespectful behavior or just a change in mood. Our reasons can be diverse but we have all experienced
the desire to make a dramatic exit from our job.

Most of you will agree that a sense of purpose, belonging, respect, and job satisfaction are extremely vital parameters in continuing our journey at our current work place. However, it’s quite impossible for our workplaces to consistently uphold these values and that can be reason enough to make us walk out the door. If you are reading and nodding in agreement, some of these questions can help guide the next step that you take before you submit that resignation.

Have I considered all options?

Our desire to leave an existing job should not be impulsive. Impulsive decisions have a tendency to lead to regrets. Think through all your options and try implementing each of them before taking the final call. In situations like this it helps to talk to someone that you trust. They may not understand your situation completely but it is always good to have someone as a sounding board.   

Do I dislike the job?

There is a freshness and excitement to all things new. This freshness and excitement is often lost when things become routine. The same principle applies to our job. When I am considering quitting, is it because I dislike my current job or is it just a matter of getting the freshness and excitement back? Can I have a new perspective on my job to regain the excitement back? A short break may help too. 

Is my workplace toxic?

Working in a toxic environment and being surrounded by toxic people can take a toll on our mental well-being. This in turn effects our productivity and causes stress in our relationships. Why do you think that your workplace is toxic? Will it help if you move into another department in the same organization?   

Why did I take up this job?

Our motivations when accepting a job can be numerous. For some it could be the money, or the organization’s vision or an exciting role. Ask yourself why did you take up this job in the first place? Does the reason still hold meaning for you?

What are my chances of landing a new job?

We all work to sustain ourselves. Bills need to be paid, expenses have to be met, dreams have to be fulfilled. All these are only possible when we earn. Before resigning, try and take stock of the job situation in your city or country. Start applying for new positions. Quitting your existing job only to find that it is difficult to get another job will only lead to frustration, regret and guilt. 

What if the same problems appear in the new job?

The grass is greener on the other side. There is a lot of truth and depth in this phrase. We may feel that our existing work situation is not great and that any other work option would be much better. Think again! Most work places share similar problems. Is there a way to solve the problem at your current workplace before facing similar problems in another company?

How can I negotiate?

Negotiating is a powerful tool and often very underutilized. We negotiate while shopping, we negotiate while talking to children, we negotiate with friends. But we hardly negotiate in our workplace. Try negotiating a deal that might improve your work situation before making the decision to resign.

These questions can reveal important truth about your reason for wanting to quit. Once you know the reason, you can be more prepared to take the next step, whether it is to resign or to reconsider.

Author: Nilav Kolay
Acts Consultation