My First 90 Days of Working from Home

Working from home for the first time and working on a completely new area of work can make a cocktail that may be troublesome! Jokes apart, this combination does call for a lot of hard work and sincerity. Diving right into what I want to convey, here are the two main challenges I faced during the first 90 days of my work from home in this new field of work.

  • I live in a family of 7 including a dog who is hyper active and demands attention all the time. I had to constantly remind myself and others that I may be present at home but apart for exigencies, I am not to be considered available. Many time the issue with work from home can be that it is taken for granted that you are at home and that you will juggle home, work and everything in the same time duration. Technically speaking, we do manage all these together during the entire day but during work hours you need your headspace for work and that should be clear to all.

  • The second main challenge I faced with work from home was that work hours would stretch into my free time and free time into the work hours. Since you are at home you feel you can take this liberty but soon enough I realized that this was a harmful practice for both my work and leisure time.

These two were the main challenges that I faced during my first 90 days of work from home but no problem is complete without providing a solution.

I found a good solution to this issue when I introspected. When you are your own boss and accountable to your own self the key to succeeding is self-discipline. As hard as it may seem self-discipline is the only key to unlock success for work from home. Practice it for some time and it will become a habit. For the hours you need to sit and work, just give it your all and just do it and when you are done move away and into the other areas of your life. Don’t linger about when it comes to work. Procrastinating is your worst enemy here.

Also, another lesson I learnt during my 90 days at work is that work is something we all can and we all do but perfection is something that sets us apart. When we produce perfect work that is what will set us apart from the rest!

I have enjoyed my 90 days of learning and growing and am looking forward to what is to come!

Author: Sonali Bandyopadhyay