What your recruiter is assessing during your interview

Interviews don't have to be nerve-racking when you have an idea about what your recruiter is assessing. Even though each job lists specific skills and qualifications, some winning personality traits remain in high demand. A person's performance is hard to assess and first impressions often determine suitability. Amiability tops most lists. This is the first … Continue reading What your recruiter is assessing during your interview

It often takes more than just the ‘right’ skills

Looking for a new job? Get ready for lengthy applications and long waiting periods. The search gets even lengthier when you're looking for a job after moving overseas. Too many applicants have the same skills that you do, or maybe more. The keyword match on applicant tracking systems does not always screen the 'right' applicants. … Continue reading It often takes more than just the ‘right’ skills

Interviewing Tips – Effective Applicant Assessment

Interviews can be pointless. Especially if the interviewer is unsure about what they are looking for. Sometimes even if the interviewer knows what they are looking for, it’s not unusual to end an interview without knowing if the person is the right fit for a job. During one recruiting project, I had teamed up with … Continue reading Interviewing Tips – Effective Applicant Assessment

Making Job Descriptions Successful

Photo of two people in a job interview.

Job Descriptions can be more than just a list of responsibilities. They can be used to advertise the vacant position as well as serve as the reference point to determine the right person for a job. That makes it an important document because it could impact your hiring decision. Over the last few years, I … Continue reading Making Job Descriptions Successful

Grow A New Habit Called Recruiting

Recruiters will agree that sometimes finding the right hire can take a long time. Job sites work wonders but a lot of times they represent screening irrelevant applications for hours. Finding the right people will seem less daunting with a creative approach to recruiting techniques. ACTIVE RECRUITING: In most companies recruitment happens throughout the year. … Continue reading Grow A New Habit Called Recruiting