Covid Days at home – The Dahi Vada Effect

These past 18 months have shown several ways in how work can be done and results can be achieved. But you know what? It has also shown what personal time means. The urge to work from home and flexible working hours has always been there in the mind. Oh, how I wish that would happen. … Continue reading Covid Days at home – The Dahi Vada Effect

Entrepreneurial Employees

Entrepreneurial employees - the one consistent wish on every manager's list. Not everyone with an entrepreneurial mindset end up starting their own companies - some of them work for other companies and are probably part of your team now.  Habits of employees with an entrepreneurial mindset: They don't hesitate to take initiative and display strong … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Employees

Is Your Boss a Bottleneck?

We have all faced it - we work hard to secure a new deal and the boss takes forever to approve the final step! Bosses can seem super slow at times and you might need some strategies to work around the bottleneck. Scenario 1: Your boss is a micro-manager. Some managers micromanage because it's their … Continue reading Is Your Boss a Bottleneck?