Leadership Challenge: Leading the More Experienced

Leadership challenge: You have been hired to lead a team older and more experienced than yourself. Some of them seem determined to break you. Some seem indifferent. Some seem to treat you like a kid. A common challenge that young managers face is managing older employees. The problem usually presents itself in the form of … Continue reading Leadership Challenge: Leading the More Experienced

Leader, are you a visionary?

One of the many advantages of leading a small company is the amount of direct influence one can have on the company's culture. You can also have more control over every hiring decision, every amount spent and every operational detail. But if you own a small company, you know how all these influences and control points … Continue reading Leader, are you a visionary?

I quit working 9-5.

Every entrepreneur that I have spoken to has endorsed this truth: Starting a new business can be both exciting and overwhelmingly exhausting. Most entrepreneurs start their own ventures because they are tired of the routine 9 - 5 work schedule but end up working longer hours when pursuing their dreams - which is a extremely … Continue reading I quit working 9-5.

Team Issues? Sprinkle a dose of Care!

Employee engagement is directly proportional to how appreciated your employees feel. By 'feel' I am not referring to their emotions alone. No matter what personality types you have on your team, here are five simple ways to improve your team's engagement and performance. Value their time. No matter how cool a boss you may be, your … Continue reading Team Issues? Sprinkle a dose of Care!

Are you a ‘slasher’?

"Have you been doing too much?" Most of the people I have spoken to in the last few weeks have described their weeks as being very busy and themselves as being very tired. Whether it's multiple jobs or multiple projects, supporting the family or being a student - there are times when we realize that … Continue reading Are you a ‘slasher’?