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Niloma Kolay is a PMP certified global Project Manager and has successfully delivered global projects for the past decade. Her approach to managing projects is based on the principles of simplification and collaboration.

Apart from managing projects, Niloma is passionate about empowering people with skills that will set them up for success in their field of work and has led interactive workshops for participants from around the globe. Niloma is also dedicated to social impact and actively volunteers with local nonprofits.

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Nilav Kolay has shaped his career as a public speaker, trainer and life coach that has resulted in engaging with business personnel, professionals, teachers, students and home makers. Over his career, he has led training seminars for audiences of all age-groups based in India and overseas.

Nilav serves as an advisor and partners with organizations on anti-human trafficking issues, leadership development and social entrepreneurship. He runs two business ventures and manages a family charitable foundation.

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