How to be More Creative at Work

This year's Global Leadership Summit included a session with author Fredrik Haren (author of The Idea Book).  Haren is a business creativity expert from Sweden who, according to Forbes, lets people stay on his private island for free. His session during the summit got me thinking a little more about business creativity. He made an … Continue reading How to be More Creative at Work

Learning and Innovation

Innovation is often connected with big inventions, technological breakthroughs, and super smart people even though we know that in reality that it is also so much more about everyday functions. It is in capturing knowledge that we can discover what our teams already know and use that knowledge to be more innovative. In 2017, I … Continue reading Learning and Innovation

Nonprofits: It’s time to design your fundraising strategy

Does your nonprofit have less than 1000 donors, then this post is for you. The beginning of the year marks the beginning of financial years for a large number of nonprofits. As a nonprofit, your organization must have set aside a fundraising budget for the year. Now is the time to set a strategy in … Continue reading Nonprofits: It’s time to design your fundraising strategy

Entrepreneurial Employees

Entrepreneurial employees - the one consistent wish on every manager's list. Not everyone with an entrepreneurial mindset end up starting their own companies - some of them work for other companies and are probably part of your team now.  Habits of employees with an entrepreneurial mindset: They don't hesitate to take initiative and display strong … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Employees

What to expect during a career change

Sometimes moving overseas is accompanied by a shift in career paths. Are you ready for a career change? This article is not meant to discourage you but presents the harsher side of career changes so that you can prepare and persevere through them. Career change is one of those things that could work out great … Continue reading What to expect during a career change