Maximize the first few weeks on your new job

Your first few weeks on the job can dictate your performance and reputation for possibly the rest of your time at the new company so be proactive about the reputation you build. I really enjoy leading onboarding for new hires. Getting someone who is new to the company plugged in with 'why we do what … Continue reading Maximize the first few weeks on your new job

Entrepreneurial Employees

Entrepreneurial employees - the one consistent wish on every manager's list. Not everyone with an entrepreneurial mindset end up starting their own companies - some of them work for other companies and are probably part of your team now.  Habits of employees with an entrepreneurial mindset: They don't hesitate to take initiative and display strong … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Employees

Managing Conflicts like Fireworks

In a team of competent people with strong personalities, conflicts are common. But even if the team was laid back and lazy, conflicts would still be quite common. As long as we continue working with humans, conflicts will be part of work. Maybe someday we will have the privilege of witnessing the types of conflicts … Continue reading Managing Conflicts like Fireworks