Grow A New Habit Called Recruiting

Recruiters will agree that sometimes finding the right hire can take a long time. Job sites work wonders but a lot of times they represent screening irrelevant applications for hours. Finding the right people will seem less daunting with a creative approach to recruiting techniques.

ACTIVE RECRUITING: In most companies recruitment happens throughout the year. It is important for recruiters to have a recruiting timeline for all positions. Identify what that timeline looks for your company. Timelines can be used as a motivator and help in fighting bottlenecks in the process. However, an unrealistic timeline can become the first step to failure. Consider your budget, the number of interview rounds, the approval levels and the applicant’s notice period when setting a timeline.

Relevant job description: Job descriptions serve as advertisements for open positions. Include a brief description of your company, highlight the job title clearly, include the main list of responsibilities and outline required qualifications and qualities when drafting a job description. Ensure that the job description communicates the role as clearly and precisely as possible.

Advertise: Now that you have a suitable description, advertise it and remind your contacts about it all the time. It is important for you as a recruiter to understand that not everyone is as engaged in finding the right hire as you might be. Strategic reminders are essential for getting results. Add your hiring needs on your email signature. Consider creating a “We are hiring” office notice board and keep your positions updated.

First advertise it within your company. Inform all your employees about the new opportunity, irrespective of their current positions. Most employees who enjoy working in your company will think of recommending other suitable contacts. Adding incentives for strong referrals can help fuel the effort.

Advertise on popular and relevant job sites mostly for start or mid level positions. However, for those managerial level higher positions, you might have to use other media. In fact, social media can be used for almost any position. Social media is an easy and productive board for advertising your hiring needs considering the diversity of individuals who use it. Join relevant groups on your social media sites, which will provide the required access to potential candidates. Ask your mutual connections for introductions and initial background checks. Background checks protect you from approaching and hiring the wrong candidates so use it without hesitation.

Keep in touch: When you meet someone who could be a great fit for your company, be intentional about staying in touch with them. This is especially recommended for future positions. Keeping in touch  will help you assess their suitability in addition to getting them interested in working for your company. Also, since recruiters often become ambassadors for their companies, it is highly recommended that you maintain professional boundaries in your engagements with them.

Network with well-connected people: This will lead to better connections and help increase your own network quickly. Professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, could help you find such people if you need to start from scratch. Apart from LinkedIn, tap into your local community. Clubs, religious institutions, alumni of various places, university faculties are good connections. Keep in mind that making such connections take time and the quicker you start, the before off you will be.

Select the right one: Employees reflect the culture of your company. It is advised that recruiters avoid selecting clones of their existing employees when they are looking for new talent. Despite the fact that people with similar attitudes and cultural backgrounds will most likely become friends quickly, it is a good idea to intentionally create a diverse workplace. Diversity in skill-set and personalities help companies remain balanced and continue growing.

Keep looking for other potential candidates till the position is filled. That way if an applicant fails to cross any level in the hiring process, you don’t find yourself having spent all your time on the wrong candidate.

PASSIVE RECRUITING: As a recruiter, learn to anticipate future recruiting needs. You can do this based on your company’s current rate of growth. Anticipating future recruiting needs can give you the ability to begin recruiting passively, which includes networking, finding potential hires and keeping in touch with them.

It is also good practice to continue identifying talents within your company and investing in them to build them for higher and more sensitive positions. This is especially recommended for specialized positions within your company.

Set a strong interview processes and plan the right number of interviews for each position. Include a thorough background check where you are able to contact former supervisors and teammates to gather more information on the applicant. No matter how long the process takes, keep the applicant informed and provide a realistic timeline for your responses. Revise and update your advertising techniques, interview questions and background questions at least once a year. Invest time in recruiting. Make it a habit. Some positions just take longer to fill. But with the right techniques, the right people are not impossible to find.

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