It often takes more than just the ‘right’ skills

Looking for a new job? Get ready for lengthy applications and long waiting periods. The search gets even lengthier when you’re looking for a job after moving overseas.

Too many applicants have the same skills that you do, or maybe more. The keyword match on applicant tracking systems does not always screen the ‘right’ applicants. So if you find yourself with all the required skills and another lengthy application form and want to try an alternate strategy, consider marketing your skills a little differently.

Keep your resume updated and ready at all times. It will save you a significant amount of time when that ideal position becomes available. You might need to make those small changes to suit the new position but you can send it quicker than if you didn’t bother updating it for the past several years. Resumes do more than just help you land a job immediately – they are great for email networking even when you are not actively looking for a job.

Your LinkedIn profile can also be a useful tool for networking based on your target audience. Growing your professional network when you are not looking for a job frantically can prove immensely useful when you begin your active job search. Everyone knows someone who might get you connected to someone else who is hiring.

Marketing your skills requires great storytelling sometimes. People usually believe confident people. Probably owing to the fact that it’s easier to be confident about the truth. Don’t hesitate to share about your recent development pursuits and your accomplishments on social media and among friends. Definitely refrain from bragging about every single one of those so that people start ignoring them but remember to share when something significant happens. Currently social media is one of the most used marketing tools so use it to your advantage when looking for a career change.

Use every relevant opportunity to meet people from the industry. It might drain you especially if meeting new people is not your favorite activity but it will be worth the effort. Meaningful career progressions can be time and energy consuming and it’s important to remain confident and consistent.

The strategy that works for you and your field of work might be different or constantly changing so don’t give up if the first few attempts fail. Pursuing dreams is seldom meant to be easy.

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