I quit working 9-5.

Every entrepreneur that I have spoken to has endorsed this truth: Starting a new business can be both exciting and overwhelmingly exhausting. Most entrepreneurs start their own ventures because they are tired of the routine 9 – 5 work schedule but end up working longer hours when pursuing their dreams – which is a extremely impressive!

Even when entrepreneurs are not working, they end up thinking about work. Entrepreneurs insomnia is the inability to rest from work at night. It’s hard to detach from work because the lines between work and passion cease to exist. Be reminded that at the end of the day, it is work and unless an entrepreneur takes time to recover, burn out and lack of motivation will be hard to kick aside. Here are five solid tips to help you remain motivated in this entrepreneurial journey.

  • Separation between work and rest is important for entrepreneurs. Taking a break from your work can help you become more productive and creative. It is when it gets a chance to rest that our brain often creates wonders. Find out what helps you rest and recover and be intentionally consistent about incorporating it into your schedule.
  • Engage with your customers and supporters, not just to grow your business but also to get affirmative feedback. Affirmation can be a strong motivator and can relieve negative stress. Entrepreneurs often ignore current supporters because they are too busy pursuing new ones. Keep both friends and enemies close – both groups can motivate.
  • Pursue hobbies. Just because you started your own company does not mean you must sacrifice all your other interests. Starting your company will most likely be all work for the first phase and there might be days when you will question your entrepreneurial journey. Hobbies can encourage innovation.
  • Keep improving your skills and strategies. Make use of every opportunity to learn something new. Your company will continue improving with you.
  • Enjoy the work an celebrate successes because when you enjoy what you do, failures will truly turn into stepping stones for greater success. As Drucker said, “Failure should always be considered a symptom of an innovative opportunity, and taken seriously as such.”


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