Leader, are you a visionary?

One of the many advantages of leading a small company is the amount of direct influence one can have on the company’s culture. You can also have more control over every hiring decision, every amount spent and every operational detail. But if you own a small company, you know how all these influences and control points can add up to choke your ability to be the company’s visionary and simply turn you into a glorified operations manager.

Irrespective of the size of your company, one of your main responsibilities as a leader remains the same – set a clear vision of the company for your employees to follow. The success of your company and your team depends on it. With a clear understanding of what the company stands for and where it’s meant to head, your team will be more successful and so can your company. Without a clear understanding of the vision, your company will end up spending resources where it is not necessary and accelerate failures.

Maybe you will have to share the vision with your team only once, but in most cases, you will need to remind them often with words and by example. Do it until they make it their own and continue even beyond that.

Mid-year is a great time to take a step back and review your success as the company’s visionary. Do you have a clear understanding of your company’s vision? When was the last time you reminded your team about it? Does your current team exemplify your company’s vision and reflect your company’s brand when working with each other and with customers? What changes are necessary for the rest of the year?

Be the leader who your team chooses to follow. Be the visionary. Then passionately lead it into reality.

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