Is Your Boss a Bottleneck?

We have all faced it – we work hard to secure a new deal and the boss takes forever to approve the final step! Bosses can seem super slow at times and you might need some strategies to work around the bottleneck.

Scenario 1: Your boss is a micro-manager.

Some managers micromanage because it’s their management style. Others micromanage to genuinely eliminate errors and improve quality because employees don’t do a good job. Determining the difference will help you start in the right direction. Be great at your job and eliminate reasons for delays. Then follow up frequently for a response. This should help with quicker feedback.

Scenario 2: Your boss has trust issues.

This could very well stem from past experiences. Help your boss restore trust in your abilities. Be transparent and do a great job. Don’t be afraid to let the boss take credit. Everyone knows your boss couldn’t have done it all on their own.

Scenario 3: Your boss has too much on their plate and is terrible at delegating.

We all know them – they like to keep it all till the last minute and then distribute them too close to deadline. Prove your capability and show initiative.

Scenario 4: Your boss just wants to look busy.

This could be the worst case scenario. Bosses who delay approvals just to look busy or they want to do it all because they want to take all the credit. In my experience, letting them know about the impact of the delay and being patient with them while you wait can help you survive this situation.

Scenerio 5: Your boss is disorganized.

The disorganized ones struggle with one more thing – failure to say no. They fail to figure out just how much work they have know, out of sight out of mind. Assist them in managing their projects. Keep track of your own projects. Bosses don’t mind reminders.

Scenario 6: Your boss is not transparent.

Your boss knows something you don’t and either is not authorized to share or doesn’t care to. Get an estimate of the turnaround timeline and ask smart questions to find out what’s really causing the delay. If everything fails, remain patient and assume the best.

If you’re an approving authority for your team, stop being the bottleneck. Communicate the reason for the delay to keep the team motivated and engaged.

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