What to expect during a career change

Sometimes moving overseas is accompanied by a shift in career paths. Are you ready for a career change? This article is not meant to discourage you but presents the harsher side of career changes so that you can prepare and persevere through them.

Career change is one of those things that could work out great or frustrate you completely. If you are ready to be completely challenged in your new field and start afresh, go for it! If not, then find an industry where you can use the skills you have already acquired over your career. Perhaps you don’t have an option and need to start afresh like I did when I moved across continents. Here are some lessons that I had to learn as I worked through my new career.

career-change-copy-2You will most likely have to start all over again. Depending on how different your new career path is – you might end up starting right at the bottom or at a mid-level position. This might or might not be determined by your skills and years of experience. Starting at a level lower than your current level will include its own set of challenges such as more administrative busy work or having to deal with too many managing levels breathing down your neck. Stay humble and power through it – keeping your end goal in sight at all times.

career-change-copy-3Relearning everything. Your boss will either treat you like a champion or will try to teach you everything – even the basics of Outlook. Be prepared to smile through it all and not let it discourage you.

career-changeReestablish every level of expertise that your industry already has. You will be expected to prove yourself at every step. Even if you are your current industry expert, you might have to climb the career ladder all over again. Keeping your focus fixed on your goal can help you get through this challenge.

career-change-copyFlexibility will be important if you need to take a salary cut to fit into your new industry. When opting for a career change, assessing the company and your new manager are more important than you might think.

During the months when I dealt with all of the above struggles, it really helped to start the day with this question: How am I planning to make this day the best ever? Some days will be harder than others but they will all roll into better days. Many have thrived through career changes – you can too.



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