Maximize the first few weeks on your new job

Your first few weeks on the job can dictate your performance and reputation for possibly the rest of your time at the new company so be proactive about the reputation you build.

I really enjoy leading onboarding for new hires. Getting someone who is new to the company plugged in with ‘why we do what we do’ stories is quite a refreshing responsibility. But for the new hire, onboarding and orientation basically means an overwhelming amount of training schedules and introductions to new people and terms.

As a new hire, you have the opportunity to start afresh and prove your value to the company right from the start.

Prove that you’re smart:

First the obvious – pay attention during training. Don’t let your mind wander even when the information begins to go off in tangents. Instead soak in all the information that is passed on to you. That includes information from trainers, team mates, and informal chats. This should not be hard considering that all you have to do is listen and maybe take notes.

Nothing screams “incompetent” louder than when an employee does not have answers to the most basic questions despite being on the job for weeks. Show initiative and prove your competence.

Prove that you’re serious about performance:

Start thinking about how you can excel over the next few months. Find out the measurable for success at the company and for your manager. Once you have a concrete idea about what success looks like at your company, plot your guidelines to help you achieve.

Ask questions during your first few weeks. You will be excused for almost every silly question that you ask while you’re still considered new to the team. Full forms of abbreviations, significance of processes, names of team members – find out everything. Be empowered.

Prove that you’re a team player:

Be social and pleasant. Some of your new team mates will be more interested in leading introductions  than others, which means that you have to take the initiative to introduce yourself. Don’t miss your opportunities to say hello and ask people about their stories.  Most people love sharing their work stories.

Understand your manager and your team – observe and learn their personalities, work styles, and treat them with respect. These early relationships that you establish can impact the rest of your time at the company.

All the best for those first few weeks. You got this!


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