Studying while working full-time

Keeping work skills up to date has always been integral to success. With constant improvements in technology and systems, it goes without saying that if you don’t keep your skills relevant, there isn’t much professional growth available. 

So how can you keep learning and growing while balancing the demands of everyday work? I have learned a few lessons along the way and want to share those with you. 

Here’s a little background – I completed my post-graduation in Business Administration around six years ago while I was working as a Human Resources Manager. Now that my role requires a lot more project management, I am currently pursuing my Project Management certification (PMP), while working and running our businesses full-time. 

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Being organized comes in most handy during this time. Keeping track of your assignments and work schedules is key to maintaining a consistent balance between the two commitments.

Working and studying diligently can be an exhausting experience. I’ve had to remind myself often that it will be completely worth it and it’s a short-term commitment. That reminder has gotten me positively charged many times! 

It should help you begin and end your work day at sane hours every day. If you are unable to maintain time boundaries, balancing the two will be impossible.

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Keeping a written track of schedules will also free up your brain to retain study information. Maintain a calendar or set reminders to stay on track without getting overwhelmed. Some days are more demanding than others so being flexible with your schedule always helps.

Recognize your peak energy hours and schedule your priorities during those hours. If you study better in the mornings, commit that time to study hours. Remember it’s a short-term commitment with huge benefits! Also, remember that sometimes you will not be able to balance both and it’s okay to plan those days accordingly.

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Managing Time and Energytaken from our Facebook post

Working from home is awesome but it has its challenges. I have been blessed with a demanding work-life and doing these three things over the past few days has helped me gain time back and significantly reduced my negative stress levels!

1. Super important to plan the day ahead and I’m learning that it has improved my level of preparedness to deal with uncertain situations and last minute work requests. I even schedule workout slots and reading times during the day!

2. Getting to the most important and things first has helped in two ways – helped me make more impact at work (and be seen as productive) and actually be able to stop working at a decent hour on most days. Of course there will be exceptionally long days but it doesn’t feel chaotic anymore.

3. Starting the day early is a game-changer! Being able to get those early hours to get important things done, before colleagues and family members are around, has made such a significant difference to my stress levels. To clarify: “important things” are not necessarily work related things. I wish I did this all along!

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