Weekend. At. Last.

Too many people work on weekends. Those who don’t work, sleep. At least those are the most common answers people provide when asked about their weekend plans. On an average, most professionals work more than 50 hours every week and sleep for 50 hours. That leaves one with 68 hours a week for everything else. Let’s consider some more numbers. Most people spend about an hour or two each day to shower, cook and eat; an hour to travel to and from work; and at least an hour on their phones everyday. These numbers are quite conservative but it should give you an idea of how quickly we are left with only a small fraction of the 24 hours that each day begins with.

You are, therefore, better off not working on weekends. If this seems like an impossible idea to you, find another time during the week to enjoy the benefits of a non-work weekend.

Use your weekend as an effective renewal tool. I agree that sleep can sometimes be the best way to renew your body and mind but there are several other ways that can be more effective in the long run.

Develop a habit of learning. Ideally you could consider enrolling for a course over the weekends. That’s one thing you will never regret. If you are able to hold yourself accountable and use your weekends to polish your skills, it will not only be beneficial for your current job but could be a huge win for future growth opportunities. If you are someone who thrives on accomplishments, this one is for you. Consider learning about new developments, or work related topics or even a new language – they can all provide a strong boost to your personality and your resume.

Consider being intentional about spending at least a few minutes every weekend to serve someone else. Even if you have a demanding job, the ability to serve someone in need without expecting something in return can impact our ability to empathize with others. It’s refreshing to invest in others instead of just pursuing your own agenda.

Make time for your family and friends. This one is obvious to some people but not for everyone. Especially if you live away from your folks, it’s wise to keep strengthening old bonds even as you work on the new ones.

Treat yourself. This is a famous line from a famous TV show and it’s one of the easiest ways to avoiding a burn out. Treating yourself does not always have to involve tons of cash. Think of the treats that work for you. If work and family demands restrict your ability to read during the week, or go for a walk, spend a few minutes on the weekend to indulge yourself in those activities. Soak your feet, share a meal with loved ones, watch a movie, seek spiritual revival – the list can go on. Remember taking care of yourself is essential to long term effectiveness.

This is a good weekend to begin.

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